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The delicious and the best selling sushi in Sushi Hokkaido Sachi.

You must have heard about sushi before, it’s made by spread a layer of rice on nori seaweed and on top is a layer of seafood or vegetables, then roll it back.  Sushi roll is cut up into small pieces, just easy to eat. Don't need to say too much about this popular dish, a variation on Sushi is very popular and Japanese realy like. This is Uramaki Sushi.



Uramaki is slightly different than other kinds of sushi maki because the rice after being rolled back will be on the outside instead of inside. Some people called the Uramaki is sushi "rolls from the inside." If you've ever eaten California roll style, you will be not very strange with Uramaki. In Northen America, Uramaki extremely popular and contribute in developing Japanese cuisine here. However, this kind of sushi rolls rarely seen in Japan.



In Hokkaido Sachi Maki Roll has many kinds, each kind is a different flavor. The most popular is Spicy Crunchy Salmon roll and Spicy Ebi Roll. They has attracted the customers from the first sight because of the good appearance.

Crunchy taste of dish made ​​the uniqueness, besides there is little of sauce mayonnaise blended make easy to eat.




Besides, the raw food are processed into Maki roll also very interesting. Alaska Salmon Roll is made from Salmon Fillet, wrap just outside the rice layer, add a bit of saltiness of the caviar on top makes the customers are soaked. Rainbow Roll, something not to be missed when coming to Sushi Hokkaido Sachi, because of the color of this dish well enough to "melt" the coldest heart. Outside of this dish is many different ingredients like salmon, tuna… wrap with avocado, sauce mayonnaise, shrimp and other vegetables




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