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Okonomiyaki is a savory pancake and is made with vegetables, meat, seafood, and other ingredients, cooked on a griddle with flour-based batter and served with special sauce
「HOKKAIDO SACHI」”ベトナム女性の日”のプロモーション!
「HOKKAIDO SACHI SUSHI」は海鮮料理専門店で、新店舗オープン記念に際して、現在の200品のメニューに新たに30品を追加します。また30年という経験をもつ日本の料理人がこだわりの料理をご用意致します。
Do you love Japanese food, particularly sushi and sashimi? This traditional Japanese dish is enjoyed in most parts of the world.
Miso soup is a traditional soup of Japaneses. They used the Miso soup at least once every meal. The delicious flavor of Miso soup combines with rice has brought a great meal for the people of Land of the Rising Sun.
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