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Green menu for your health at sushi hokkaido sachi

Green menu for your health

As the leading restaurant in serving Japanese cuisine in Ho Chi Minh, Sushi Hokkaido Sachi restaurant’s aim is to enhance each customer’s dining experience through the outstanding of food and services in the realm of green, fresh, and healthy Japanese dishes in the grace of Japanese culture.

Japanese cuisine is always made from natural origins such as vegetables, fruits, and seafood. These types of foods have low calories, fat contents and a perfect balance of nutrients which are totally good for health. All of hokkaido sachi restaurant’s cuisines are carefully prepared by the Japanese chefs whom have over 30 years of experience.

Some of the outstanding dishes recommended in this menu is Vegetarian Roll which has expressive taste and made from fresh and sweet vegetables mixed with special sauce.



You can find variety of foods made from seafood in the “Green menu for your health” like salmon, sashimi, tuna sashimi, king crab...

Or you will be satisfied with the freshness and delicious flavor of seaweed salad which benefits on forcing the excretion of toxic out of the body. That’s the reason this dish is considered a present from the ocean.



These dishes are a few of green dishes were created by bushido in Muromocchi period since 14th century, which have become common foods nowadays. Although these types of foods seem so simple in preparation, these reveal the chef’s passionate in delivering the most original flavor of foods and enhance each wonderful dining experience.


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