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Enjoy Wagyu at Sushi Hokkaido Sachi restaurant

Wagyu beef is a rare meat, wonderfull tasty meat in the world's, with the most expensive prices. Characteristic of premium Wagyu is the white fatty lines, alternates with red meat, looks very beautifu. Meat and fatty layer mix together make Wagyu softly and  delicious taste. many visitors have described: "Japanese beef is soft enough to melt almost in the mouth.




The finest Wagyu Beef from Japan. The cattle are raised with extreme care in an environment surrounded by bountiful nature and water. In addition to having a very fine meat grain, this meat is distinctive from other types as the only kind to have fat with viscosity.

Many tourists often mistakenly Kobe beef with Wagyu beef. Indeed, Kobe beef is a Wagyu breeds and it was the most delicious beef. There are four varieties of Wagyu beef: black, brown (red), short horns and no horns.



Japan has system very detail, to control the place of manufacture of each steak. These data will be kept  in Japanese domestic animals center.Everything about cow as:  birthplace, farms, fattening date and other details. Therefore, the origin of the beefs in Japan are very clear.Not any Japanese steak are the same. The beef will be graded based on product, fatty lines, hardness, color and overall quality. Best beef is graded A5. Most Wagyu beef  is in A4-A5 range.



Wagyu cows are often feed more than 30 months, then brought to take meats, while in other countries like the US, raising time is only 22 months. We eat a lot and regularly, Because Japan’s lack of field,so the cows are sedentary, It is believed that the special care based on characteristics of the Japanese land make Wagyu become better, more unique and more expensive as well. "In the US, you can only use the meat in some parts of the cow. But for the Japanese cow, beef in most of its parts are very quality, "a chef in Hokkaido Sushi Sachi said.



Wagyu beef is often grilled or cooked longer than others in Western countries.Beside by grilled, they are also cooked by two traditional way, sukiyaki and Shabu-Shabu hot pot. In addition, their meat is also very good for your health, it contains fatty acids ,rich in Omega-3. 

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