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Discover Miso Soup

Miso soup  is a traditional soup of Japaneses. They used the Miso soup at least once every meal. The delicious flavor of Miso soup combines with rice has brought a great meal for the people of Land of the Rising Sun.

Miso is a familiar dish of Japanese people, also like “Tuong ban” of  vietnamese people. It’s made from soybean, rice, and barley, it’s fermented and mixed with salt and “Koji Kin” mushrooms.



Depending on the time of brewing, we have different types of Miso: brewed from 1-2 months will give a white Miso, from 4-5 months will give the Red Miso and over 1 year will give the Black Miso. From Miso, people can be processed into a variety of dishes such as sauces, salted vegetables, salted meat and the most common types are cooked with Dashi sauce (kind sauce made from dried sardines, dried kelp, tuna and mushrooms) to make Miso soup - a traditional dish indispensable in every meal of the Japanese familyies.


Made from the colder natural ingredients, Miso soup not only helps dinner feel the cool, but also very good for health. Many researchers have discovered the amazing benefits of using regular Miso soup as: increase energy, reduce the risk of diabetes, reducing the steatosis, Miso soup also helps prevent cancer, especially breast cancer in women.



In Sushi Hokkaido Sachi restaurant, Miso is also one of the most delicious and popular dishes.


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