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13 interesting things about Japanese

1.Did you know that Japanese children cleaning their class each day in 45 minutes with the teacher, this opens up a new generation of Japanese people prefer modesty and cleanliness. 

2. Did you know that any Japanese citizens have a dog must carry special bags and this bags for the dog when they shit himself on the street. They handle it very hygienicly and fiercely.

3. Did you know that those the sanitary workers in Japan are called "Healthy Engineering",they can claim a salaries from 5000 to 8000 us dollars per month. And a also has to pass the oral test and the written test.

4. Did you know that Japan has no natural resources, and they must endure hundreds of earthquakes each year, but that has not prevented Japan became the second largest economic powers in the world for many years (currently 3rd temporarily because the rise of China). 

5. Did you know that Hiroshima city have returned to the full economic development on 10 years after the atomic bombings of the USA.

6. Did you know that Japan prohibit the phone on the train and the bus. Sitting in the train or the bus in Japan always as quiet as a library. People read books, listen to music, type a message, working, fall asleep ... but no one cause noise or disturbing other people. If there is talk also very softly and quietly.

7. Did you know that Japanese pupils from first year to 6th year of elementary school have to learn ethics in order to communicate.

8. Did you know that that the Japanese is one of the richest person in the world, but they don't have a housekeeper. In their families, the parents are responsible to take care of their homes and children.

9. Did you know that there are no exams from grade 1 to grade 3 at elementary school; because the goal of education is to impart the concepts and building the personality, not the contests.

10. Did you know that if you went to a restaurant to eat buffet in Japan, you will see people just eat enough, without wasting. No leftovers. 

11. Did you know that the metro or the train is late only about 7 seconds every year in Japan!The Japanese appreciate the value of time.

12. Did you know that Japanese child has brush teeth after every meal at school; we sustain health care for them since childhood.

13.Did you know that Japanese students spend a half hour to eat a meal, to be sure to eat slowly and digest well. When asked about this issue, the Japanese say: Student is the future of Japan!

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