Sashimi of Susi Hokkaido Sachi

When people talk about Sushi Hokkaido Sachi restaurant, sashimi is first mentioned.This is a traditional food from Japan with a main ingredients is fresh seefoods. So, what differences of Sushi Hokkaido Sachi and other restaurant in Ho Chi Minh?




From authentic traditional to modern Japanese cuisine, seasonal fresh fish and ingredients flown in daily from the finest markets, showcased in sushi, sashimi, tempura, hand rolls and other exquisite dishes. We are proud to serve you the finest and freshest Japanese Cuisine. 
Our philosophy is to provide fresh, healthy food in a modern dining ambience.. We invite you to visit us and enjoy the Hokkaido Sachi Dining .




Maybe you have not known yet, premium ingredients are used to make Sashimi is taken from the famous island Hokkaido of Japan as Screws Tsubugai, king crab Taraba, Kinki fish… are imported directly to Vietnam by air, and with fresh ingredients from a local as: red squid from Phan Thiet, tuna from Da Nang, urchin from Nha trang … All of which are censorred strictly everyday, to ensure the quality and food safety.


Freshness of the sashimi is always a important point, make the most obvious difference. Because of the good censorship of restaurant, the ingredients’s used for processing always retain the freshness necessary, ensure keeping 100% of the flavor of the dish.

Sashimi was cut into thin slices with a width 2.5 cm, length 4 cm and thick approximately 0.5 cm.The size may be diffirent because of the chef or the ingredients. It’s served with sauces such as soy oil, wasabi, ginger and some vegetables as shiso, and white radish.




The abundance of dish at restaurant make people “wavering” how to choose one. So, the combination of many different sashimi as a greate idea. Sashimi Special with seven different dishes are decorated very attractive, it will be a good choice for you, or Maguro Deluxe, a premium dish will give you the experience of high-class, with delicious dishes and the most attractive, or Ebi Deluxe, enjoy sashimi by your way.



Maybe you will not miss Otoro salmon sashimi ( salmon belly),  or eggs of uchin. These dishes are not only delicious but also provide nutrients as Maguro Sashimi (tuna), Tai Sugata Zukuri, Toro Hamachi Sashimi, Kanpachi Sashimi ... gives the body more protein and amino acids, mineral salts with other important micronutrients


Sushi Hokkaido Sachi

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