Edamame in sushi hokkaido sachi

Edamame originated from Japan, very tasty and has high nutritional value, food is very healthy and nutritious because of its rich content of minerals, vitamins, protein, fat, fiber, very good for the gut, smoothing the skin and also prevents some cancerous diseases.



Edamame like feathers as in Vietnam but because the Japanese like to eat when left intact so they had left to breed and hybrid seeds, eat the taste than the new should have slightly different than Vietnam's beans. The specialty of this type is when the harvest left no motor longer to ripe and are picked early to keep fresh green beans left after that will be handling the freezing to preserve.



Edamame can be eaten raw or boiled bristles and many other processing. The time and temperature when boiled is also important, as if to "too" then left the beans will turn yellow and concentrations of minerals, vitamins, ... will decrease tremendously.


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