Abalone- A top extreme luxury dish

Living under the deep water of the ocean, snow fish, salmon, Hoke fish, squid, octopus, sea urchins, abalone ... have reached a wonderful quality. Among the great seafood, can not mention about abalone. Abalone is a rare type of seafood, it’s often only serviced in the royal banquet. In feudal times, the abalone is one of eight great dishes for kings. Abalones in Hokkaido island are famous and especially loved by the Japanese because of great taste. About nutrition, abalone is one of the top seafood.

This is one of the rare seafood and have high economic value. To catch big abalone, people must dive deep into the sea, separating them from the big rocks


Meat of abalone is a crunchy, delicious-smelling and very nutritious,it is effective in hypothermia, good for kidney and prevent asthenia. Ablone is very good when eat fresh or cook congee. The dish does not take much time to prepare, but very delicious and nutritious




At Suchi Hokkaido Sachi restaurant, abalone are selected extremely carefully, undergo strict quarantine stages, this dish get a lot of love of the customers not only Vietnamese but even the Japanese in Ho Chi Minh also be satisfied.

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